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Black Hairstyling & Barbering Courses

In Class and Online Sessions



Elite Barber

Seven Weeks- barbering stylist Hands-ON-work-shops classes $750.

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CSS scale

Elite Stylist

Seven Weeks- hairdressing & barbering Hands-On - Work-Shop classes $950.

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online hair tips

Do It Online

Live Hands-on online classes. All you need is a model, a computer or a tablet.

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Do It Yourself

5 weeks-  learn how to do it yourself - Hands-ON-Work-shop classes $500.

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About Courtney's Hairstyling Workshops

“So much of our youth need something better to do with their time. I mean there parents out there who get worried or nervous when their children go on the road with the wrong friends or go to the wrong places. Stirring trouble or having trouble finding them. Barbering & Hairdressing are trades where they can make their own money and learn how to manage their own business. I want to take the time to train people how to do this wonderful trade, where money is always being made. The professional hair industry is growing more and more every day. I'm committed to training individuals to be the best they can be!”

Courtney Brown - President


Barber Stylist
A money making career that teaches about services that cater to males like twisting, locs, colouring, texturizing, braiding and barbering.

Hair Brush

DIY Stylist
Learn how  to do your own hair, for your friends and family. Black hair requires constant care. This course will save you a lot of money.


All Round Stylist
Become a career barber & hairdresser. You learn both trades in one course. This will enable you express your creativity more boldly.


Barbering Tools
This is a hands-on workshop. You are required to bring in 2-3 models for each in-class session, online and money saver  classes.

Short Hair

Hairstyling Tools
Training to be an elite hairstylist is a lot of work and practice. You are required to have all tools and 2-3 models ready for all sessions.

Long Hair

Hair Products
We are adding to our inventory everyday. Please review our product catalog. Get recommended hairstyling products and tools.